Proposed Hotel Development @ 4520 Penn Ave.

In April of 2017, following a third community meeting concerning approving variances for the proposed hotel development, Bloomfield Livable Streets wrote a letter to the developers, architects, and Councilmember Deborah Gross to reiterate and demand a more robust community input process and a more vibrant hotel development that reflects the creative community.  In our letter, BLS has 2 clear demands to the developers & architects moving forward:

1. The community demands a development which responds and reflects the unique character of the surrounding neighborhood; and,
2. The community demands to be a part of the future design process to improve on the current design plans.

In January 2017, Bloomfield Livable Streets wrote a letter to developer Michael Kratsas (KN Penn LLC,, Conor Magee (JMAC Architects,, and Councilmember Deborah Gross (District 7,, regarding the proposed hotel development at 4520 Penn Ave.  In our letter, BLS:

– supported responsible, appropriately-scaled, and accessible design;
– expressed enthusiasm for development along that underutilized and vacant stretch of Penn Ave.;
– thanked the developer for the continued open dialogue and public input to the design process; and,
– pointed out our concern of the inclusion of two new driveways cutting across the sidewalk/public right-of-way.

See our full letter and pedestrian-friendly hotel development examples below:

bls_4520penn2 bls_4520penn3 bls_4520penn4 bls_4520penn5 bls_4520penn6
bls_4520penn8 bls_4520penn9