Want To Host?

Have a great stoop or porch that you’d like to share with the community?  Well, Stoop City is the day to do just that, with other like-minded porch-sharing neighbors in Bloomfield.


Considering hosting?  Here are some questions you may have:

Is there a contract or agreement I need to sign?

Nope, this is envisioned as an informal, de-centralized neighborhood celebration.  There are no formal organizers; Bloomfield-ers are known for taking their own initiative.  We’re looking to showcase our community’s generosity and openness for livable neighborly events which bring people together.

What do I need to provide?

At the least, you need to provide a “platform” for an act to perform on, whether your front steps, a front porch, or a front lawn.  Depending on what the act will require, you might need to provide an electrical source.  Other than that, this is your neighborhood celebration; add and provide whatever you’d like.

I love the idea, but don’t feel comfortable letting people inside of my house.  Is that ok?

Yes.  This is a celebration of the space between the front door and the sidewalk.  If you’d like to open your house up to your neighbors, that would be welcomed but not required.

Do I have to provide restrooms?

Not if you do not want to.

I think it might be nice to have some (bubbly) drinks and refreshments out.  Is that ok?

If you’d like to serve alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages on your property (to share with neighbors!), that would be wonderful as well as the hosts’ responsibility.  We’d hope that you’d respect any city laws and respect your neighbors.

How do you suggest I talk to my neighbors about this?

As this is envisioned as an open, community event, we’d hope that you’d not only give your immediate neighbors a heads up about any [wonderful] musical acts, but also invite them to come over or host an act themselves!  This is not a party or a concert.  It is a community celebration, centered around neighborly love in Bloomfield.

I don’t expect things to get out of control, but what if there is a noise complaint or if the local police stop by?

It's the host's responsibility to deal with any noise complaints that might happen.  We encourage hosts to talk to their immediate neighbors beforehand.

I have a lovely front stoop, but don’t know any acts or musical guests for the event?  Where can I find one?

You can let us know, and we will try our best to match you up with a host-less act.

Great!  I’m excited to host!  What do I do next?

Fill out this GOOGLE FORM FOR HOSTS, and we'll put your info on a map.  Email any questions to bloomfieldstreets@gmail.com.


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