Want to be an Act?

Have an act or band that you think would be perfect for this sort of informal, neighborhood event?  Here are some questions you may have:


Are only musical acts or bands allowed to take part?

Nope, we welcome any acts or activities that activate Bloomfield’s varied front stoops.  Music always brings neighbors together, but we also envision clown acts, a friendly game of Spikeball, Slip ‘N Slides, you name it!

Are all types of musical acts allowed?

Yup!  We'd hope that, regardless of whatever artistic act you perform on a stoop, the music and bands be appropriate for a family-friendly, outdoor neighborhood event.  Ideally, musical acts of the "acoustic" variation are encouraged, though we're totally looking forward to rocking or rapping out with any other creative acts - as long as you respective our neighborhood.  Play on!

I have a friend who lives in Bloomfield.  Can I do something on their front stoop?

Sure!  This is a decentralized community event.  We encourage acts and hosts to coordinate themselves, and then let us know so we can put you on our crowd-source map.  If you are an act that does not have a host, but wants one, then let us know, and we can try to match you up.

I have a bunch of friends and groupies I’d like to invite.  Is that ok?

Sure!  We just ask that all attendees respect our neighborhood and residents of Bloomfield.  We are a welcoming, loving neighborhood that invites all to experience our beautiful little corner of Pittsburgh.

Great!  I’m excited to play / perform!  What do I do next?

Fill out this GOOGLE FORM FOR HOSTS, and we’ll put your info on a map.  Email any questions to bloomfieldstreets@gmail.com.


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