Want to Attend?

Excited about spending a lovely afternoon walking the neighborhood streets of Bloomfield and celebrating our stoops?  We are too!  Here are some tips on how to enjoy the day:


Know The Trifecta!

Bloomfield is big - at least to walk through.  So, we’ve split Bloomfield into three general areas.  (See Map Here).  Houses and establishments in each area will celebrate their stoops within the 2 hours.

Enjoy meandering the streets!

This celebration is about walking around beautiful Bloomfield, and enjoying our front stoops, porches, and lawns.  If you have a specific act you’d like to see or if you want to plan your day a little better, here is a tentative, crowd-sourced schedule for the day (See Schedule / Map Here).  Note: not all hosts or bands might be listed, so just walk around to discover and stumble upon activities.

It’s free!

That’s right!  This is a decentralized, family-friendly event.  All Bloomfield neighbors and businesses were invited to open up their front stoops to the community.  These hosts are participating through their own generosity and love for the neighborhood.  Give them a high five!

Respect the hosts!

Because this is an open, decentralized event, every hosts will have different activities and acts happening on their property.  Some will open their house to the public.  Others will celebrate their beautiful front lawns.  Whatever they allow, we ask that you respect their property and generosity.


Want to be an Act?

Want to Host?

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