Penn Mathilda Apartments Tour

// UPDATE //

"We'll take it!", says our tour group.

The tour that Action Housing led of their new Penn Mathilda Apartments left our group of 40 neighbors in awe. From the beautiful views, to the 16' tall ceilings, to the 4 storefronts, to the new trees, to the back-lit bike parking; the building is beautiful and it will make Bloomfield a more vibrant, livable neighborhood for everyone.

Bloomfield Livable Streets sends huge thanks to Lena Andrews from ActionHousing, Bill Palmer from Repal Construction, Andrew Moss from mossArchitects, Christina Howell from Bloomfield Development Corporation and Andrew, Amber and Jon from the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation for making the tour possible. It's evident that a lot of care went into the building and we thank them for that.

Affordable, walkable, bikeable, transit-accessible developments are they cornerstone to a healthy, friendly neighborhood. The Penn Mathilda Apartments get an A+!


If you've been as curious as we've been about the building on the corner of Penn and Mathilda, join Bloomfield Livable Streets, Action Housing and the Bloomfield Development Corporation for a tour of the new (and almost complete) addition to the neighborhood! Action Housing has been developing the project for the last 3 years and they're oh so close to complete.

Penn Mathilda Apartments Tour
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Bloomfield Livable Streets is jazzed about their work because it combines so much goodness into one corner of the city – mixed use, affordable housing, veteran preferred, walkability, bikeability, access to transit, community space and so so so much more. Its a place for people to thrive, right here in Bloomfield.

Registration is limited to 25 guests, so please be serious and please only rsvp for yourself (but invite your friends and neighbors!).