Operation Illumination w/ BikePGH

** Join us to make cycling safer during the change from Daylight Saving. Volunteer with us to pass out free bike lights on Liberty Ave.! **

Did you know:

- Allegheny County crash data shows an increase in pedestrian crashes in the City of Pittsburgh during the months with the shortest days of the year?

- the 5 - 6 p.m. time period when daylight fades, darkness looms, rush-hour traffic intensifies and motor vehicle-related crashes spike after Daylight Saving Time ends, according to AAA??

So Bloomfield Livable Streets is teaming up with our buddies at BikePGH to install quality front and rear lights to unlit cyclists biking through the Bloomfield community, especially riders who may not have the means or time to acquire lights on their own. Have a friend or family member riding the streets of Pittsburgh unlit? Then make sure you tell them to meet us on Liberty Ave. to get set up with a free set of bike lights.

Operation Illumination // Bloomfield
6PM – 8:30PM (while supplies last)
@ Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield

BikePGH Event Page HERE!

Here are some tips on how to bike (and drive) safely in these darker months!

Since 2011, Bike Pittsburgh has been giving away hundreds of free bike lights annually with its Operation Illumination program. And this coming Bloomfield event will be the last Operation Illumination Bike Light giveaway of the year!

 The Operation Illumination pop-up will be located somewhere on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield. BikePGH staff and Bloomfield Livable Streets volunteers will install bike lights until time or supplies run out (whichever comes first). Unlit cyclists will be flagged down and called over so we can install front and rear light sets on their bikes.

Cyclists who stop by will also receive BikePGH’s Biking 101 Guide (a graphic comic which tells you the basics of biking safely in the city of bridges) and the Pittsburgh Bike Map.

Disclaimer: We will only install lights directly on unlit bikes. Please be sure to bring your UNLIT BIKE, as we cannot install the lights without a bike present. We do this to ensure that we are installing lights that can be put to use on bikes immediately.