Gross St. Artist Studios Tour

If you've been wondering about all the construction going down on Gross St., here's your chance to peek into an adaptive re-use project that updates a 1920's industrial building while still keeping that Bloomfield uniqueness.  Valentina & Ben have been working hard on the 'Federated Building', renovating the workshop into 3 artist studios, and are ready to let us take a tour!

Did you know that Valentina & Ben call it the 'Federated Building' because it was formerly Federated metals?

The building was built in the 1920’s and was part of a major industrial site. And with the help of Wildman Chalmers Design, LLC, they kept the old windows and floors and brick. Some real Bloomfield preservation charm!

From Valentina:
"I would add the word “Industrial” because part of the point was the bring an industrial building back to life. We are in UI zoning. A lot of that is gone in the city because of the EI behemoths that are the major players now. I think it’s cool that the building is part of the foundry."