Your Bicycle Routes Through Bloomfield!

In May 2016, we asked YOU “Which main roads do you use when biking through Bloomfield?. Here is a beautiful map, created by volunteer member & neighbor Sarah Kontos, which illustrates those results. This has proudly been sent to our city officials.


Here are just a few observations from the results:
– Not surprisingly, Liberty Ave. & Friendship Ave., both streets with bicycle infrastructure (Bicycle Lanes and/or Bicycle Sharrows provided), are the main routes through Bloomfield;

– Millvale Ave., with its connections to the southern neighborhoods such as Shadyside and Oakland, is a major secondary route through Bloomfield;

– Respondents were only given the option of naming streets, and not able to name specific stretches or portions of streets for this survey;

– While Pearl Street is marked on the map, it is assumed that the main portion used is between Penn Ave. & Liberty Ave.; and,

– Coral St. is a secondary street chosen. It is assumed that its high response rate signifies Coral St. as a parallel alternate to heavily trafficked Penn Ave., which does not have any bicycle infrastructure.

Keep an eye out for our PEDESTRIAN ROUTES survey coming out soon! Thanks PGH Bike & Ped, PGH City Planning, Deborah Gross, & Bike Pittsburgh for keeping Bloomfield safe & accessible for ALL users.

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