SAT 04/15/2017 Event: Volunteer Bloomfield Tree Planting

Did you know that urban street trees have been proven to provide a variety of benefits such as:

calm vehicular traffic speeds (Texas A&M University found that lines of trees along roads reduced mid-block crashes by 5% to 20%);
improve business districts (University of Washington found that consumers were willing to pay up to 12% at businesses having a quality urban forest);
control stormwater (trees absorb the first 30% of most precipitation through their leaves, and another 30% is absorbed through their roots);
reduce temperatures (tree-canopied streets are 5-15 degrees cooler); and,
add value to adjacent properties (tree covered streets relate a $15-$25,000 increase in property value)?

Let’s plant some new trees in Bloomfield!  Bloomfield Development Corporation was awarded trees to plant on a vacant lot at S. Mathilda St and Aloe St.  Thanks Western Pennsylvania Conservancy!

Bloomfield Tree Planting
@ S. Mathilda & Aloe St.
Sign Up To Volunteer HERE!

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