New S. Mathilda St. Intersection Design + Virtual Open House and Public Input Period

Proposal w/out Diverter

The City has updated the S. Mathilda St. & Comrie Way intersection design as part of the upcoming Bloomfield / Friendship Neighborway project.

After hearing input from a resident focus group, DOMI updated the design from the original Diverter proposal, which was presented to the public at the June 25th and July 29th virtual public meetings.

Proposal w/Diverter

The original Diverter proposal would have limited vehicular cut-thru traffic through S. Mathilda St. on Comrie Way, prioritizing cyclists on Comrie Way's new Neighborway and calming speeding traffic on S. Mathilda St.

What Do We Think?

We like it!

This new intersection design (complete with refuge islands, painted crosswalks, & yellow ADA curb pads) will help address speeding drivers on S. Mathilda St., which has contributed to the high number of crashes at this intersection.  Crashes at S. Mathilda St. have accounted for ONE-THIRD of all crashes along the proposed Comrie / Coral Neighborway. All ANGLE CRASHES!


Do We Have Suggestions?  Yes!

With the new proposed intersection design, pedestrian & bike advocates have 2 main concerns:
1. Increased vehicular traffic without the Diverter; and,
2. Other uncontrolled intersections along Comrie Way.

Increased Vehicular Traffic w/out the Diverter

The Neighborway plans to make Comrie Way between Ingalls Way & S. Mathilda St. a new 2-way route, creating more vehicular routes through the intersection than currently exist.

Without the Diverter, we ask DoMI to find other ways to discourage additional cut-thru vehicular traffic onto Comrie Way, such as installing other traffic calming measures (speed humps?) along Comrie Way.

Other Uncontrolled Intersections Along Comrie Way

Along with S. Mathilda St., Comrie Way also intersects with 5 other streets at uncontrolled intersections (there are no Stop Signs nor traffic lights). Throw in illegally parked vehicles & blind spots, and these intersections could be dangerous conflict zones for Neighborway users trying to cross.

We also ask DoMI to apply traffic calming infrastructure on these 5 cross streets, which will help to ensure the safety of all new users of the Neighborway through Bloomfield.

Check out our full Sept. 2nd letter to DOMI on our website HERE!

Ask City Engineers "In-Person" Questions On Sept. 8th & 10th

Do you have a question or comment about the updated design of the Comrie/Coral Neighborway?  DOMI has scheduled 2 virtual Open Houses to gather further feedback on the updated proposal. Click on the links to register.

Virtual Open House w/ City Engineers & Planners
Tuesday, September 8th, 5PM - 6PM
Thursday, September 10th, 4PM - 5PM
Click Here for Event Page for More Information and Links!

Submit Public Input by Tuesday, Sept. 15th

We hope you too support this intersection design, and ask DOMI to ensure that safety & equity drive the project.  Provide online feedback for the new intersection design proposal (or any part of the Comrie/Coral Neighborway project) HERE on the City's Engage Platform.

All comments must be in by Tuesday, September 15.

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