New Year, New Bus Fare, & more!

Being multimodal (commuting using multiple modes of transportation) in Bloomfield is super easy.  Aside from having bicycle lanes, having 3 bikeshare stations, and being relatively flat, Bloomfield is also blessed with being a central route for several of the Port Authority’s main bus routes!

Starting on January 1st of 2017, the Port Authority implemented several awesome changes to its FARE & BOARDING policy, making travel more efficient and easier to understand.  From our friends at the Bloomfield Development Corporation:

The main change is that the bus fare is now $2.75 for riders using cash, but if you use a ConnectCard the price is still $2.50. BDC has a stack of ConnectCards available for free and you can also get a ConnectCard from ShurSave IGA. Feel free to reach out to to get a free ConnectCard.

Below are the changes:

  • The Port Authority raised prices for the bus fare if you are paying in cash to $2.75, but if you use a ConnectCard the fare stays at $2.50.
  • There is now only one zone if you use a ConnectCard so the price stays at $2.50 throughout the system.
  • Port Authority has gotten rid of paper transfers. You can still get a $1 transfer if you use a ConnectCard that is automatically used if you catch a bus within the transfer time. If you pay cash, you need to pay the full fare every time you get on a bus.
  • Riders must enter through the front door and pay when they get on the bus. Also riders will exit from the rear exit unless they ride a wheelchair, need the bus lowered or need to grab a bike.
  • All persons with disabilities need a Reduced Fare ConnectCard to ride for half fare. Medicare ID cards are no longer accepted on vehicles.

More details are available by calling Port Authority Customer Service at 412-442-2000 or 412-231-7007 for TTY or by accessing our Fare Policy FAQs.

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