New Oakland Bike Safety Improvements

We are pretty lucky here in Bloomfield; we have a relatively well-connected network of bike infrastructure that helps us get around the neighborhood.

Our neighbor to the south, Oakland, is finally getting some new bike lanes through their heavily traveled corridors: Forbes Ave. AND Bigelow Blvd. around the University of Pittsburgh.  There are some new, novel markings which we have not seen in Pittsburgh before.

Here are 2 blog posts from our friends at Bike Pittsburgh about the new safety improvements:

1.) Get familiar with them with the help of Bike Pittsburgh’s informative blog post HERE.

2.) Watch the video from our friends at Bike Pittsburgh to learn how to use the CONTRA-FLOW-BIKE-LANE (Pittsburgh’s first!) HERE.

This is super exciting, and makes Pittsburgh’s cultural hub (museums, library, & universities) more accessible for all the city’s residents, especially neighboring Bloomfield!

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