SURVEY: Tell PennDOT What You Think

Tell PennDOT about the transportation needs that are important to you in Pittsburgh – especially in Bloomfield!  Taking the survey will tell PennDOT how you travel, what issues you value, and how gives you the opportunity to set how you’d budget what PennDOT works on.  And [surprisingly], it’s actually fun!

This is also great opportunity to tell PennDOT about any project that you’d like to see completed.  Examples of Bloomfield-centric projects that BLS members have suggested & BLS supports are:

– a Bloomfield Bridge / Liberty Ave. Intersection Study & Redesign;
– Friendship Park Pedestrian Improvements;
– Friendship Park Traffic Calming Infrastructure;
– Curb Extensions on Liberty Ave.; and,
– Liberty Ave. Pedestrian Improvements.

** TAKE THE TRANSPORTATION SURVEY HERE! (it’s surprisingly fun!) **

The open public comment period is MARCH 6 – APRIL 19. During this period, you have the chance to share feedback by taking the online survey or participating in the Online Public Meeting on MARCH 21.

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