ShurSave Sold! Sign On to Support Bloomfield’s Future!

ShurSave is at the heart of the Bloomfield we love and move through every day. Sign on to support a ShurSave redevelopment that protects everyone’s freedom to move.

✍️ Read & Sign the Support Letter HERE! ✍️

Thanks to our friends and neighbors at the Bloomfield Development Corporation. Their community-driven letter demands that Echo Realty, the new owner of the ShurSave lot, supports a development that furthers our neighborhood values of equity, inclusion, affordability, and accessibility.  That strong neighborhood vision for what an inclusive, equitable development looks like was developed in early 2019 through a series of community workshops, which produced the ‘Bloomfield Central Gateway Development Guidelines’.

The process created a diverse list of values, which were organized into six themes.  One of the themes, which we fully support, is ‘Connectivity and Accessibility’, which talks about how people move in, around, and through Bloomfield.  These values include:

– Create a people-oriented intersection serving pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders and all abilities of people.

– Support multi-modal transportation options with streets accommodating bikes, cars, public transit and pedestrians.

– Better connect existing amenities that are already here but are hard to access – the playground, ball field and swimming pool.

– Provide way-finding signs including local destination and adjacent neighborhoods.

Read and learn about the community-driven ‘Bloomfield Central Gateway Design Guidelines’ HERE!

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