Liberty Ave. @ Gross St. New Crosswalks

Liberty Avenue got some new Crosswalks at Gross Street! The uncontrolled intersection has been a location where Bloomfield Livable Streets and Bloomfield Development Corporation has been requesting the City's Department of Mobility & Infrastructure to address the lack of pedestrian safety infrastructure. (SEE REQUEST LETTER HERE)  The intersection is at the entrance to the popular Bloomfield Saturday Market, and serves West Penn Hospital employees & staff who use the parking lots.

The new "zebra" striped crosswalks are a welcome addition to the Bloomfield Liberty Ave. Business District, which we are advocating to make more pedestrian-scaled and safe.

"High­-visibility ladder, zebra, and continental crosswalk markings are preferable to standard parallel or dashed pavement markings. These are more visible to approaching vehicles and have been shown to improve yielding behavior." National Association of City Transportation Officials, Urban Street Design Guide (2013).

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