Letter to Milhaus – 4401 Liberty Ave. (Shursave IGA) Development

Bloomfield Livable Streets‘ letter to Milhaus, the developers of the Shursave site. Below is a short recap; check out the full letter of our requests HERE.

We echo the community’s main concerns of affordability and the continued presence of a grocery store space on the site. However, BLS also wanted to emphasize another important aspect of this development which might not have been as vocally addressed at the meeting – its effect on the traffic and safety of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users, and drivers in the
Bloomfield Bridge Intersection.

With these considerations, our volunteers have compiled the following 3 requests:
1. Bloomfield Bridge / Liberty Ave. Traffic Study;
2. Safety Infrastructure Improvements Agreement; and
3. Public Transit Access.

By working together to tackle the affordability, grocery store use, and accessibility of the new development, BLS believes this development and site has the potential to be the benchmark for responsible and conscious development, which Bloomfield (and Pittsburgh) deserves.

Full Letter Can Be Found HERE!

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