Letter to Karina Ricks – Penn Ave. Reconstruction Phase II

In May 2020, Bloomfield Livable Streets and our neighbors at Bloomfield Development Corporation wrote a joint letter to Karina Ricks, the director of the city’s Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, regarding the planned Penn Ave. Reconstruction Phase II Project.  Below is a short recap; check out the full letter of our requests HERE.


While the project area isn’t technically within the boundaries of Bloomfield, we at Bloomfield Livable Streets and Bloomfield Development Corporation think that we can agree that Penn Ave. is a transit and transportation corridor which affects all of our interwoven neighborhoods, especially during construction when traffic is directly rerouted into our neighborhood. In addition, Bloomfield Livable Streets has extensive experience from Phase I, and we want to ensure Phase II is an improved process for all stakeholders.

We would like to address some issues and concerns that we have around this construction, namely the safety and scope of the project consideration for pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists. Our concerns revolve around these following three things:
1. The public process;
2. The final streetscape design; and,
3. The construction period.


Full Letter Can Be Found HERE!

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