Letter to Karina Ricks – Comrie Wy. & Coral St. Neighborway

In May 2020, Bloomfield Livable Streets and our neighbors at Bloomfield Development Corporation wrote a joint letter to Karina Ricks, the director of the city’s Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, regarding the planned Neighborway project on Comrie Way and Coral Street.  Below is a short recap; check out the full letter of our requests HERE.


We at Bloomfield Livable Streets and Bloomfield Development Corporation are excited for the planned ‘Neighborway’ coming to Bloomfield, Garfield, and Friendship. Enhancing this locally familiar and already utilized route will provide a safer alternative to Penn Avenue for residents, school children, and neighbors walking and biking through. We have seen first-hand on Edmond Street how simple traffic calming infrastructure, like speed humps, can increase the livability and safety of our streets for all.

After looking at the proposed plan, our groups have some areas that we wish to coordinate with the project team:

1.) Cedarville Street Width;
2.) Friendship Park Terminuses (Edmond Street & Gross Street);
3.) Allegheny Cemetery Connection;
4.) Comrie Way Paving;
5.) One-Way Traffic Conflict;
6.) Irregular Intersection;
7.) Friendship Avenue Connection;
8.) Uphill Route;
9.) Uncontrolled Intersection;
10.) Penn Avenue Signage;
11.) Coordination w/ Penn Avenue Phase 2 Reconstruction Project; and,
12.) Public Process.


Full Letter Can Be Found HERE!

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