88 PENN Bus Stop Consolidation – Results!

Thanks to all the Bloomfield & Garfield neighbors (especially Fred) who advocated for a more inclusive and transparent Bus Stop Consolidation Program process with theĀ Port Authority. Their efforts brought attention to the limited – and short – public input period for bus stops along the 88 PENN Route which were being considered for elimination. Even so, two of Bloomfield’s 88 PENN stops at Penn Ave. & Millvale Ave. (inbound and outbound) will REMAIN IN SERVICE! Thanks to all those who submitted comments, and for the Port Authority for taking them into consideration.

Here’s a recap of the 88 PENN Bus Stop Consolidation plan. You can find more information on the Port Authority’s website HERE.

To be retained:
Penn Av at Millvale Av, inbound, and
Penn Av at Millvale Av, outbound
These two stops are used by 164 daily riders.

To be eliminated:
22 stops or 22% affecting 1339 daily riders.
3 additional stops are being moved affecting 948 more daily riders.

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