2019 Little Italy Days

LITTLE ITALY DAYS starts TODAY!! Festivities start Thursday, with Liberty Ave. closed starting Saturday till Sunday.

Liberty Avenue got some new “Share The Road” signs for the festival, which we’ve been requesting from the event organizers. The signs remind daily commuting drivers & cyclists who are accustomed to Liberty Avenue that, due to the change of traffic patterns and loss of bike lane, Liberty Avenue needs to be a slower shared street for Thursday & Friday. Remember that cyclists can ride their bikes in the main travel lane for their – and your – own safety. Ultimately, we hope that drivers are patient as you drive through our residential neighborhood this weekend.

Check out the full letter of our requests HERE.

Thanks Bloomfield Little Italy Days for supporting alternative transportation other than a personal car. Remember, the best way to avoid vehicular congestion this weekend is to leave your car at home. Instead, consider using the bus, a bike, or your feet. Port Authority of Allegheny County has 5 convenient routes through Bloomfield. Healthy Ride PGH has 5 stations in Bloomfield. Thanks to Bike Pittsburgh, there are bicycle lanes along Liberty Ave., Friendship Ave & S. Millvale Ave. And of course, walking is a healthy & fun way to enjoy Bloomfield (and avoid endless circling for parking).

If you decide to use your personal car, please be patient as you drive through our residential neighborhood this weekend. Detours through narrow side streets will be filled with pedestrians; please drive with caution. See you on Liberty this weekend!

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