Traffic Calming (and Color!) Coming to Friendship Park

Back in 2019, the intersections of Millvale & Mathilda at Friendship Park received some new paint – crosswalks & hatching – to improve pedestrian safety at this heavily trafficked crossing to our neighborhood park.

And coming THIS September 2022, those intersections will be getting ANOTHER round of paint upgrades, thanks to an AARP grant awarded to the Bloomfield Development Corporation.  The BDC is teaming up with LUNA to bring a community inspired asphalt art project to these important pedestrian crossings.  The Friendship Park Asphalt Art Project will host a series of free public meetings & walks over the next month; come join us!

Learn about the project idea/inspiration & meet the artists.
Attendees will join a short walk starting in Friendship Park and through the nearby neighborhood identifying local bird species and what helps them to thrive.
Attendees will learn to identify the tree species in Friendship Park and how they interact with insects, birds, and other species.


Asphalt Art has been shown to be an effective, quick, and inexpensive traffic calming strategy.  Plus, it adds some vibrancy and color into our urban, walkable neighborhoods.  So we are super excited about this project, and it’s improvement to Bloomfield’s pedestrian safety and public realm.

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