Edmond St. Traffic Calming – New Speed Humps

Edmond Street got some new Speed Humps! The city installed 3 Speed Humps and signage, spaced out between Penn Avenue and Friendship Avenue.

Edmond Street had long been a local cut-through for drivers.  Residents have long been concerned about safety due to speeding drivers, but recent car crashes on Edmond St. alarmed local residents, Bloomfield Livable Streets, and Bloomfield Development Corporation to request the City's Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DoMI) to explore traffic calming solutions. (SEE REQUEST LETTER HERE).

The 3 new Speed Humps are part of DoMI's new "Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program", with the goal to " to improve the quality of life in residential areas by increasing the safety and comfort of residents and people travelling through the neighborhood by all modes."  We, and the residents, are excited to see how these 3 simple humps will change driver behavior.

"Speed humps are parabolic vertical traffic calming devices intended to slow traffic speeds on low volume, low speed roads. Speed humps are 3–4 inches high and 12–14 feet wide, with a ramp length of 3–6 feet, depending on target speed.  Speed humps reduce speeds to 15–20 mph and are often referred to as “bumps” on signage and by the general public." National Association of City Transportation Officials, Urban Street Design Guide (2013).

Come out to see & celebrate these new traffic calming tools
(speed) Hump Day // Viewing Party
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
5PM - 6:30PM
@ Edmond St.
btwn Friendship & Penn
All welcomed! Come any time!

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