Bicycling In Bloomfield Survey // Open till April 17th!

Our neighborhood of Bloomfield is smack-dab in the middle of Pittsburgh – lots of people pass through our streets daily to get home, to get to work, or just to get around the city.

Bloomfield Livable Streets also recognizes that we are one of the few residential neighborhoods in Pittsburgh that has a complete street (Liberty Ave. has separated bike lanes, parking, and bus stops!)  So we want to see how residents – particularly on a bicycle – use our streets!

Help us out with this short survey (only 13 questions!), and tell Bloomfield Livable Streets how you use a bicycle through our neighborhood!  Survey open until Sunday, April 17th!  Share with your friends!


After we’ve sifted through the comments, we’ll hold a STATE OF BICYCLING IN BLOOMFIELD information event.  Stay Tuned for that!

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